Here are some informative videos about development and prevention of type 1 diabetes:

Halfway there: The biggest type 1 diabetes prevention trial for babies reaches important milestone
Prof. Dr. Martin M. Hrabĕ de Angelis “What is special about the new study center?”
Dr. Melanie Guendert “Who is the team behind GPPAD?” 
Prof. Carolin Daniel talks about her research group "Immune tolerance in type 1 diabetes"
For a World Without Type 1 Diabetes: The New Study Centre at Helmholtz Zentrum München
Making blood draws less of a burden

If children participate in clinical trials, sooner or later there will be blood draws. In our video "Making blood draws less of a burden" parents, children and our study physicians tell about their experiences and give great tips.

First commercial for the Freder1k study

Here with our first commercial of the Freder1k study.

Oral insulin for prevention of type 1 therapy

This video explains the disease mechanisms of type 1 diabetes and the impact of an oral insulin therapy.

How to take oral insulin in a type 1 diabetes intervention study

Helpful tips and advice

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