Here are some informative videos about development and prevention of type 1 diabetes:



Halfway there: The biggest type 1 diabetes prevention trial for babies reaches important milestone
Prof. Dr. Martin M. Hrabĕ de Angelis “What is special about the new study center?”
Dr. Melanie Guendert “Who is the team behind GPPAD?”
Prof. Carolin Daniel talks about her research group "Immune tolerance in type 1 diabetes"
For a World Without Type 1 Diabetes: The New Study Centre at Helmholtz Zentrum München

Spring 2019 - Why is research on type 1 diabetes so important? Who stands behind all these studies and who is participating? On the occasion of the opening of the new study centre of the Institute for Diabetes Research, Helmholtz Zentrum München, some participants, participating researchers and initiators tell more about the background.

"A World Without 1" - A Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Campaign

In January 2019 Helmholtz Centre Munich launched the biggest Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Campaign in Germany so far: "A World Without 1"!

GPPAD Dresden Investigator Meeting

What drives the scientists in GPPAD? Why is it so important to fight type 1 diabetes? Find answers in this short emotional film. Given by scientists from the international research platform GPPAD.

Expert Panel Discussion held in the context of the GPPAD investigator meeting

On December 5 2018, several experts met at the GPPAD Investigator Meeting in Dresden to discuss several aspects of type 1 diabetes research in an expert panel discussion.

Making blood draws less of a burden

If children participate in clinical trials, sooner or later there will be blood draws. In our video "Making blood draws less of a burden" parents, children and our study physicians tell about their experiences and give great tips.

First commercial for the Freder1k study

Here with our first commercial of the Freder1k study.

Oral insulin for prevention of type 1 therapy

This video explains the disease mechanisms of type 1 diabetes and the impact of an oral insulin therapy.

How to take oral insulin in a type 1 diabetes intervention study

Helpful tips and advice


Short and easy to understand: type 1 diabetes early detection and prevention

How does type 1 diabetes develop and how can this autoimmune disease be detected as early as possible? Where is research looking for cures? The video of the Diabetes Information Service at Helmholtz Zentrum München and the German Centre for Diabetes Research explains in a short and understandable way the role of autoantibodies as markers for early detection and describes vaccination studies and other approaches for the early treatment of type 1 diabetes.



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